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Higher Order Thinking Posters

Here are the higher order thinking skills posters that are posted and used in every classroom here at Lake Myra.  We choose to only focus on the three highest levels, Create, Evaluate and Analyze.
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Ideas, Resources, Photos & Classroom Examples from
Building Thinking Skills





Identifying Similarities & Differences

Ideas, Resources, Photos & Classroom Examples from Classroom Instruction That Works


Identifying Similarities and Differences

Marzano identifies four process tasks for Identifying Similarities and Differences that, when implemented, yield a 45 percentile point gain in student achievement.  They are:
Comparing (and contrasting)
Creating Metaphors
Creating Analogies
Then watch the streaming Flickr photo slideshow below to see classroom photographs  of Comparing and Contrasting.  Also listed below are links to graphic organizers on the WWW.
Region 15 Graphic Organizers 
Education Place Graphic Organizers
Teacher Vision Graphic Organizers
Teaching Heart Graphic Organizers
Reading Graphic Organizers
Freeology Graphic Organizers
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Reinforcing Effort & Providing Feedback

Summary of Research of Reinforcing Effort

People generally attribute success at any given task to one of four causes: ability, effort, other people and luck.
Not all students realize the importance of believing in effort.
Students can learn to change their beliefs to an emphasis on effort.

Classroom Practice in Reinforcing Effort
Teach and exemplify the connection between effort and achievement.

Students can see the connection between their effort and achievement by periodically keeping track of their effort and its relationship to achievment.

Summary of Research on Providing Feedback

  • Rewards do not  necessarily have a negative effect on intrinsic motivation.
  • Reward is most effective when it is contingent on some standard of performance.
  • Abstract symbolic representation is more effective than tangible rewards.
Classroom Practices in Providing Recognition

  • Make the recognition as personal to the student as possible.
  • The Pause, Prompt and Praise strategy of providing recognition is best used when students are engaged in a particularly demanding task.
  • Concrete, symbolic tokens of recognition should be given for accomplishing specific performance goals.
Independent Reading Effort Rubric

Who I Am Makes A Difference